Vanilla Sugar and Vanilla Extract on the Cheap

Most people (myself included, until recently) buy vanilla extract at the store, but it often has way more ingredients in it than what you actually need. Vanilla sugar might not be something you consider a kitchen staple, but it should be. It’s great in everything from coffee to baked goods, and is wonderful sprinkled on fruit. The best thing is that it’s ridiculously easy to make. Extract and sugar are both great ways to repurpose those vanilla pods you have left over from vanilla bean-related cooking projects, making them even more cost-effective. By making them yourself, you get tasty treats that taste better than what you can buy at the store and that aren’t over-processed or filled with mystery ingredients. Both of these are for foolproof ways to start building a DIY pantry–I’ll have plenty more ideas for DIY pantry goods in the future so be sure to check back!

Vanilla Sugar
1 vanilla bean
Jar or other container with sealing lid

-Slice the vanilla bean lengthwise to expose the seeds.
-Place the vanilla bean in a jar and fill with enough sugar to cover it.
-Wait 3-4 weeks. You can stir the sugar around occasionally, but  vanilla is potent enough that you probably won’t need to.

Vanilla Extract
1 vanilla bean
small bottle or container with lid
vodka (preferably a vodka that you would drink on its own–the really cheap stuff could give the extract an ‘off’ flavor)

-Slice the vanilla bean lengthwise to expose the seeds.
-Place in bottle and fill with enough vodka to cover it.
-Wait 3-4 weeks.

Easy, huh?


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