Sweet and Savory Melon Balls

I love melon balls wrapped in prosciutto. However, since I have many vegetarian friends, I’ve adapted them to an equally delicious (and cheaper!) appetizer that is always a huge hit! Using arugula and some good cheese makes for a tasty snack. If you have vegan friends, you could try just doing arugula and maybe strands of another veggie (carrot?) and sprinkling with some salt. I imagine there are many ways to adapt this, so if anyone has ideas, please share!

Sweet and savory melon balls

1/2 a cantaloupe
16 oz arugula
One (small) block Parmeggiano Reggiano
One small box toothpicks

-Using a melon baller, carve out as much of the cantaloupe as you can.

-Shave off a thin slice of parmesan with a cheese shaver or a knife.

-Take one melon ball and set the cheese on it.

-Wrap with one or two arugula leaves so cheese is tightly wrapped, and secure with a toothpick.

-Repeat steps for all melon balls.


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