Goodies from the Sidebar

I’ve been a little behind on blogging lately thanks to school and other fun stuff. Here are the things from my side bar from last month!

Added to the Pantry: February

6 pints sauerkraut
1 pint buttermilk
1/2 c butter
1 c garlic and shallot scape pesto
6 herbed burger buns
4 beet veggie burgers
3 pints preserved tangerines

Independence Days Challenge: February

Plant Something: 3 kinds of tomatoes, Montpelier green beans, assorted peppers, cucumber, pumpkin, okra, potatoes, Jacob’s cattle beans, asparagus, artichoke, basil, watermelon, Landreth stringless beans, lots of herbs and flowers.

Harvest Something: 1 lb garlic and shallot scapes, 3 lbs braising greens, 1 lb lettuce, 2 lbs baby rainbow chard, 1 lb radishes.

Preserve something: Grated frozen hash browns, chicken stock, 6 jars sauerkraut, 3 jars preserved tangerines.

Waste Not: Using scraps to make stocks, sauces, and juice; composting unusable scraps, repurposed metal scrap from behind the house to make a trellis.

Want Not: Bought bulk goods, purchased some milk and meat direct from local farmers, prepared yogurt, butter, and buttermilk from local milk.

Eat the Food: Using only a hand basket at the grocery store to avoid over-buying; trying at least one new veggie-based recipe a week. Buying only local, bone-in meat to use bones for stock, buying fish that’s lower on the food chain and mostly from the Gulf Coast (about an hour or two away).

Build Community Food Systems: Sharing extra veggies with friends and neighbors, and eventually with local food banks/Occupy, or selling to local farm stands. Sharing preserved goods with neighbors.

Skill Up: Garden layout! I drew inspiration from Shaker gardening techniques and dug trenches between every two rows of veggies to keep things organized and keep my feet from compacting the soil. Also learning about how to prevent tomato blight organically using baking soda, milk, etc.


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