Preserves Galore

I’ve had all sorts of exciting things going on lately (new research projects, travel, what have you) so I’ve been grossly neglecting my food blog. I’m planning on posting some new goodies soon, but until then, here are two of the recipes I’ve been using this month as I’ve been preserving my excess produce. I just put the rest of my garden in a few weeks ago (it takes up half the yard!), I’m getting ready to plant horseradish crowns (which should be shipping soon), and my fruit trees all seem to be producing, so I should have plenty of preserving to do as the summer progresses!

Ginger beer: This stuff is so good. I drink it with or without rum, but I’ll go through the giant batch I made in about a week or two.

Sauerkraut in a jar: I love this because I can play with the batch size depending on what size jars and cabbage heads I get, and because it doesn’t make my whole kitchen smell. I might be doing a cooking demo at an Occupy event this month, and if I do, I’m planning on sharing this recipe! Remember to take the cabbage leaf off before you gift it or can it, or you might get some doubtful stares from the recipients.

There are some other things I’ve been making that I don’t use recipes for. Fresh cheese, for example. Just heat milk, add acid (I live in Florida, so the most fresh tasting option is lemon juice), stir, and strain. I’ve been experimenting with rennet-based cheeses too (that’s been hit or miss, but I’ll get there).
Bread is another thing I don’t often use recipes for. If I’m trying a new technique I might look at one, but for the most part I know how I want my dough to feel.

I’m looking forward to getting back into the swing of blogging again, but until then, I’ll try to post recipes from elsewhere on the web that inspire me!


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