Coffee Liqueur

I love homemade coffee liqueur, but for some reason I haven’t been doing much infusing lately so it’s taken me a while to get around to trying it. I’m getting some yummy raw cream in a couple weeks, so now seemed like the perfect time to make something tasty to enjoy it with. I had initially thought about using clear liquor for it, but then it occurred to me that the caramel-y notes of the rum I had in the pantry might go really well with the coffee I have (I prefer beans from Central and South America, so that’s what I used here). Make sure you’re using good beans here! Just like using wine in cooking, you want something you enjoy the flavor of as that flavor is going to carry over to the finished product. The number of recipes I saw online that encouraged people to opt for cheap grounds made me cringe! Some recipes added vanilla and lots of spices, but I want to try just the straight coffee infusion this time around and see how the flavor of these delicious coffee beans comes through. I just put it up today, so I’ll be checking it every few days and we’ll see how it turned out! As with other infusions, I’ll make a simple syrup (sugar and water, I add a pinch of salt too) to add to it to sweeten it up a bit after it’s infused.

Update: I strained it after 4 days and it was perfect. Snuck a little bit of coconut cream from my dinner (trying my hand at haw mok pla using the leaves from my banana trees, along with one of my favorite things–lime rice!) and had a pre-dinner cocktail that was really delicious but also made it incredibly hard to concentrate on cooking. Mmm.

Coffee Liqueur

2 cups dark rum (not spiced)
1 cup whole coffee beans, coarsely chopped
1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
pinch salt

-Combine rum and coffee in a container with a sealing lid (I always use glass or other nonreactive containers, just in case).
-Let sit until the coffee flavor is as strong as you would like it (I’m guessing  2-3 weeks).
-Strain the infusion and set aside.
-Combine water, sugar, and salt in a pot. Stir and heat until the sugar and salt dissolve completely.
-Add the simple syrup to the infusion.
-I like to drink it with some cream or half and half (or even just milk).


2 responses

  1. Liz and I made a killer coffee liqueur with simple syrup, insanely strong coffee and some clear liquor. The advantage is that it’s ready in just a little while (I think a few days or a week) You may have had some. I like this idea of infusing the beans in rum. I look forward to the follow-up.

    • I did have some! Your delicious beverage was part of the inspiration for making my own. I’ll have to check it in a few days and see–it’s already so very very dark and coffee colored, so I might get to have some sooner than I expected!

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