Tired of Store-Bought Perfume? Make your Own!

A little while ago it came out that the Komen Foundation’s perfume contains carcinogens. While I have other reasons for being skeptical of Komen, the perfume controversy got me to thinking about other ways perfumes could be made. I purchased perfumes that simply consist of plant extracts that have been infused in alcohol, and I have also used  essential oils as perfume. I like the former especially because the fragrance is lighter and can be used in a mister.
Long story short, I’ve started making my own perfume. There are still a couple (that are, as far as I know, carcinogen-free) that I will buy, but when I just want a simple scent, making my own is easy and fun! So far, I have just done lavender, but you can use anything you like (herbs, flowers, citrus zest, etc.)
For the perfume I made here, I used a bunch of lavender from Bluebird Hill Farm in NC. The best part is that their bunches of 50 stems fit perfectly in a pint jar for easy infusing! Just turn the stems with the flowers facing down, set in a jar, snip the stems, cover with vodka or everclear, and wait (I have vodka, so that’s what I’m using). I am waiting a month because it want it to be stronger than my infused vodkas, which usually infuse for a week or two, but you might wait more or less depending on what plants you decide to use.
I’m planning on blending some fragrances next, and I’m definitely planning on giving this perfume as a gift!

Lavender Perfume
1 bunch lavender
Pint jar, with lid

-Turn the lavender so the stems are facing down, and put into a pint jar.
-Snip off the excess length from the stems (I cut them just a tiny bit shorter than the jar).
-Add enough vodka or everclear to cover.
-Top with the lid and close tightly. Let sit (away from sunlight is probably best) for one month.
-Use! You have a couple options for this (and probably more than I haven’t thought of):

  1. Keep in the jar with the flowers. To use, dip your finger in and dab the scent on.
  2. Strain the flowers out, and funnel into a perfume bottle to use as a spritz for yourself or to scent linens and such.